You think O2's algorithm might need tweaking?


They used to do similar with me.
You’re being 20GB for £20. Would you like 20GB for £25?


“Unlimited texts”

“Average sent: 4”


Unlimited texts and calls seems to just be the standard baseline these days, at least on O2 contracts. It’s really only the amount of data that changes.

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4.5GB in average?!
20GB will be not enough for you then… upgrade to 50 :))
I had another experience with EE. I upgraded to 40GB plan… they recommended to upgrade to 20GB…
But 40GB plan was on offer… cheaper than 20GB

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Sky offered me unlimited texts, calls and 20GB of Data with iPhone XS max for £60 a month. I called Three to cancel my existing contract, told them what Sky offered me and they said “Oh that’s a good deal but we can do the same for £75 a month… would you like to stay with us?”

I said “why would I want the exact same thing for £15 more a month” and they just said “Sorry sir, I will process your cancellation”.

+Sky rollover your unused data into a “Piggy Bank” and you can withdraw from it when you need some extra data.

Sky also use O2 network and gave me unlimited data on Christmas day and boxing day to apologise for the outage.


Martin Lewis is always recommending Bill Monitor, so I thought I’d try it out for a while. It looks at your current usage and tries to find a better deal elsewhere.

I was paying £10 a month for 4GB and unlimited calls and texts at the time

Every month I got an email from them to say that the best deal they could find was £1,500 per month and that they advised me not to change at this time :man_shrugging: