Number of Monzo Users

Hey guys …out of interest what is the approx number of “users” that are using mondo?

I’m gonna go with 395k - 500k

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According to an interview I watched with @tom, there is currently about 120-130k sign ups, and about 15k cards distributed.


That would mean a significant number of people reach the front of the queue and then don’t pony up the £100. That’s a shame.


There was a comment on the forum by @tom just over a week ago that suggested there were around 20,000 users.

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Yep, we have just over 20,000 people with cards at the moment and we’re looking to at least double that over the next few months :slight_smile:


Any thoughts on referrals from existing card holders bumping people up a bit further than normal?

I don’t really understand how this works?!

When I joined the queue in March there were something like 44,000 people ahead of me in the queue. By early May I reached the top of the queue and I received my card. So what happened to the other 40-odd-thousand people? A friend of mine joined the queue at the end of May with something like 67,000 people ahead of her - she’s now climbed about 30,000 places.

Do many people that reach the top of the queue but refuse the initial £100 top up? How long does their place at the top of the queue last before they forfeit it? Unless something that is actually going on the queue numbers are kinda meaningless. Be interesting to hear how it works.


Some don’t top up, but there are also Android users in that queue number :slight_smile: So as soon as we can give Android users cards, the number won’t go down quite as fast (so get in quick :wink: )


I’m still at 74k something! Can I get it faster if I put the £100 now?!! :laughing:


Hi! I was wondering what is the current number of users?

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Maybe it would be an idea to have some sort of page displaying a live number of Monzo users - purely for curiosity! As a unique number is issued to each user, this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.


That would be cool :slight_smile:

In the meantime, the best way to check this number, that I know of is to search Twitter for the “I’m user no. x” tweets that Monzo users are prompted to send from the app, when they finish setting up their account -"i'm%20user"%20"on%20%40monzo"&src=typd

The tweets are pretty sporadic unfortunately but the latest, from November 8th, showed Monzo has just under 70k users…

Thought I’d post this, as my search query (that’s built into the above link) wouldn’t pick this tweet up.

:tada: :tada: :tada:


Interesting the prevalence of cards I’ve seen in several cities if there’s only 80,000 active floating about out there! Although I guess that could be tied to the circles I move in :thinking:

…or the fact they Hot Coral so easy to spot. If they were navy blue or black they would be hard to spot

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It took a few months before I saw another one out in the wild but I’m definitely seeing more and more around. I’m not including my Wife’s in the mix either. Mainly because I rarely see that one :slight_smile:


I’m still on the lookout for a fellow Monzonaught! :wink: Too many people are stuck with boring banks haha

It would seem that London is your best bet to see one.

Following on from Kieran’s post today, I thought I’d chart the growth of the number of Monzo users :nerd:

Here’s what I’ve come up with -

Taken from -

Following on from Kieran’s comment -

The forecast shows Monzo hitting 100,000 users by the end of January / beginning of February :hushed:

A couple of caveats; there’s some big gaps in the data & the forecast clearly isn’t precise either (hence the first data point starting below the current number of users).

Obviously this doesn’t enable us to do a meaningful assessment of user adoption, without usage data. But it’s interesting to get a sense of how Monzo’s ramped up marketing / sales efforts are having an impact on user growth.

I’ll try to remember to keep the spreadsheet updated :slight_smile: