Crowdcube investors - regular updates 📬

It’s always interesting to hear more about Monzo’s performance as a business & I’d like to see more too! On the plus side, Monzo are more transparent than most already :thumbsup:

There’s a couple of ways that you can find updates in this community -

  • If you search in this community for :newspaper, :tv: & :radio you’ll find a large collection of news articles, talks & podcasts with insights into Monzo.

  • I’ve also adopted the Number of Monzo Users thread, to track any metrics related to Monzo’s growth from this post onwards. See this, this & this post for example.

  • The team have started to create more infographics with insights so hopefully they will share more soon

Having said that, I wouldn’t expect Monzo to start sharing any special insights, exclusively for Crowdcube investors soon. Since any Monzo user (including the members of the Starling team who have signed up :wave:) can invest, they obviously can’t share anything commercially sensitive with the investors, as it’s pretty much guaranteed to make it’s way to competitors.

So if you want those insights, I expect you’re going to need to find a few million pounds from somewhere unfortunately. And in the meantime, Monzo can carry on sharing it’s updates with all users which I’d argue, is more consistent with their open approach.

If there are any particular insights that you’d like to see, it can’t hurt to mention / request them though…:bulb: