Notifications not working - Android 12

I recently got a Pixel 6 and I’ve noticed I’ve not had any of the app notifications I should have had from Monzo since I logged in last week. I’ve checked the notification settings within the app and the android notifications settings for the app and everything seems fine. I’ve even reinstalled the app. I’m getting notifications from other apps.

I’m on 4.6.0 on Android 12. Anybody had similar issues or got any ideas?

Just to be sure, I’d log out of the :monzo: app, uninstall it, restart your device, download & install the :monzo: app, then login again.

The uninstall/restart dance :bananadance: fixes a lot of random issues and is a good starting point to get back to ground zero.


I’ve given it another uninstall but this time restarted the phone before installing the app again. Now the notifications work again. Thanks!

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