Notifications including type of currency


It would be really useful to me if the notification showed the type of dollars.

For example this transaction is CA$ but the notification just shows $

Once in the app, it shows CA$

Not the most important thing in the world but should be an easy fix!

Unsure if this is the same on iOS. This is Android


This kind of change would make a lot of sense. A lot of countries use the same symbol but the exchange rate is different so having “US$”, “CA$” in the notification would be useful. Since there are flag emojis for most countries, showing the country of origin as a flag instead could be a way to make it more “fun”, and would work for all international purchases. (Show a spanish flag next to the € for a purchase originating in Spain for example).

But surely you know what country you are in and what the currency is there :thinking:

It is only a notification.

If the full detail is within the transaction, I fail to see the issue.

Am I missing something?

Well no, its an online transaction. I’m not in Canada and didn’t know Kickstarter use CA$

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Now it makes sense to me :smile:

Thank you for taking the time to clarify :+1:

Of course. As you said, the important bit is the app being correct. But it is probably just a case of adding another property to the notification message string and would probably take no time to fix :blush:

Agree that Monzo should clarify- they could use the three digit codes e.g. USD for US dollars. This is what they do for the krone (which is the name of currencies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway): DKK, SEK and NOK are clearly differentiated