Small feature update to help you track your spending

Small feature update to help you track your spending

Good afternoon all! We have a small feature update for US customers today that I’d love to get your feedback on. You can now see a progress bar against your budgets on the main screen of your Monzo account right underneath your balance. All users should have access to this, but in order to see it you’ll need to set up a budgeting cycle:

  1. Click the pie chart in the top right
  2. Then use the drop down to select the start date for your budgeting cycle. This is the 1st of the month by default but you can set a different day if you get paid off cycle.
  3. While you’re here you can also click the Budgets tab to set an overall budget and/or individual category level budgets

Let us know what you think!

Screenshots show the impact of changing the overall budget and the day of the month that my account has set as the “start date”


Hey from the UK :wave:t2: :uk:

Does it say US$ all the time rather than just $?

Seems clunky.


That’s weird that his shows that. Mine is just $ without the US in front of it. It might be a QA environment thing.


Oh good spot – I think that’s just because I have both a UK and a US account for testing ! I’ll check…

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I have both standard UK and US Monzo accounts, and the US one uses US$ for the currency. Personally I don’t find it clunky. I always assumed it was like this to prepare the way for the eventual Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Monzo accounts :grin: (I’m only half joking. I think the logic is sound – if the person has multiple country accounts, display US$ as you don’t know whether one of the other accounts is a different dollar currency.)


I only have a UK account so not sure if my opinion is welcome but I agree that it looks clunky. I think having one ‘USD’ rather than ‘US$’ next to the main balance then just the dollar sign next to every other number throughout would look better (if you really must make the user aware of the exact currency they’re using)

Also, while it’s great to see the accounts gain feature parity the first thought I had when I saw the left to spend bar was all the people flocking to the forum, asking is Monzo will steal their money after the number of days given has passed. Perhaps there is room for making budgeting clearer?

Can anyone get a us account too or do you need to be both a uk and us citizen?

You need a US taxpayer identification number and a US address that can receive the card.

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As with the UK account, none of the numbers in the fees have a currency symbol. So in practice it is as you would like: the balance at the top is preceded by US$, and then all the other numbers have no prefix.

I think it has to do with the device region. I only have a US account and it uses US$, but my iPhone’s region is set to Japan.

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That would make a lot of sense (more sense than my theory!). It’s possibly just the default way iOS displays currency from outside the ‘home’ region.

I like the way this feature works. I have two kids about to head to college and am working with them to think about budgets this way.

Feature request: it would be nice to be able to add custom budget categories.


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Simple refugee here. This is great, thank you! May I put in a feature request to have the option to reset every 2 weeks? I currently budget out each paycheck and I get paid every 2 weeks.Thanks!

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