Notifications disabled under Android

Now here is an odd one

I had seen the email for my taxi, but not the notification

I realised that no other notifications had been seen today - I was present for them all, some did not really think to check

Details to reproduce:

Seen for first time in normal use

No notifications. Went looking for setting. Saw it was turned off. Did not turn it off myself and never would

Also news and promotions turned off

5 August 2021

Google Pixel 5

App Version:


This bug has also been reported by someone on iOS too. 🕵️‍♂️

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Possibly related, just prior to the 4.0.0 update, the feature flag '"boolean name=“android_notifications_grouping” had a status change from ‘false’ to ‘true’ and I also experienced the same notifications disabled issue. They’ve been fine since re-enabling after I noticed it when updated to 4.0.0

This doesn’t explain why iOS has the same issue though.

And my biometric settings always reset to ‘off’ after every update. I’ve got used to automatically re-enabling them again after updating.


Notifications not disabled here. Redmi note 9T. Android 11. Monzo 4.0.0

Biometrics do reset to off after updates.

Notifications not disabled on my Huawei P30 Pro either.

Evidently mileage varies, but I’ve never seen notifications get disabled before. Wasn’t ever sure there was a single big lever until I went to look

I’ve seen that for app lock by “PIN” before as well, but this is a first one for notifications

And I don’t want to be missing out on all that news and promotions stuff either, as I won’t no what is outraging sections of the forum then lolz :smiley: