Notifications for a transaction's status change

So I went to Tesco today and used Apple Pay. The payment went through and I got a notification in the Monzo app.
The POS, however, did not think that it went through and wanted me to pay again. When the self-checkout assistant eventually came over, she told me to pay again and that the original transaction would eventually be refunded/ not actually be taken.

I am unable to challenge this payment in the application because, for all intents and purposes, it was a legitimate transaction until Tesco “undo?” it.

Now to the actual request… I would love to be able to go into the application and “follow” the status changes of a pending payment, this way I don’t need to keep checking it every 5 minutes to see if it is reversed or if they take the payment and I have to go back in to dispute it.
Obviously this would/shouldn’t be possible to do for none pending payments, but for any payments that could change status I think this could be really useful because I understand some of them can take over a week to clear.

As much as I like using the Monzo app, I don’t like having to scroll through the ever growing transaction list to find a specific Tesco payment.

Wouldn’t that be annoying as all card payments are pending for a few days? Would be constant notifications

It’s been a while since something like this happened for me, but don’t you already get a notification of a “refund” when the pending transaction is reversed?

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It would, if you had it on for all payments. I would have thought it would be an optional switch that could be turned on per transaction that you want to monitor.
I have noticed that there is a similar notification that happens for payments like Pay at Pump petrol payments

I don’t think that it is considered a “Refund” it is more “Reversed” or “Cancelled”