Not receiving authentication texts

Anyone else having trouble receiving verification texts at the minute? Just tried to make a card payment which prompted SMS authentication, tried twice and no text received so I tried updating my number in the app (to the same one as it’s correct) and I’m not receiving the confirmation for that either. Have received Monzo texts before and have received other texts now to try so presuming it’s a Monzo issue but not sure if it’s just me or it’s affecting others too?


I don’t think many people use text confirmation on here. Most use faceID or biometrics.

Monzo aren’t reporting any issues so other than trying the usual like restarting your phone and reinstalling the app you’re probably best contacting Monzo in app

I use biometrics too, some websites (barclaycard) just don’t give you the choice though.

Looks like Monzo had issues with SMS texts, but has now been resolved

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Thank you!