Not allowing future pot transfers

**Issue: Cannot set up a future account-to-pot transfer as my current balance is not enough (though my future one will be).

**Details to reproduce: Try to set up a future account-to-pot transfer for more than the current account balance.
**OS: iOS 16.5.1
**Device: iPhone 14
**App Version: 5.32.0 #5320052


Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?

I wouldn’t think so. For example, if I know I am getting paid on the 26th, and want to set up a future transfer for the 27th, I should be able to.

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If it is it’s bad.

A way around it is to put the right withdrawal amount of money in, set the withdrawal and then reduce it back to the correct ‘saving up’ level.

Silly you have to do it that way around and should be able to be set for the future. Even if it means it just errors with a insufficient balance. There is no need for it to have to predict future savings or anything fancy. Pots already reject scheduled withdrawals with an insuffifient balance.

This seems to be discussed in a few places The easiest work around I’ve seen is the set the transfer as 1p with 1p in the account and then edit the scheduled payment afterwards

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