Calculated scheduled withdrawal from pots

I’ve been using the pots to build up annual amounts to pay for annual subscription amounts such as Amazon Prime and Disney plus.

Currently the amount that I will put in, I will have over enough money to pay the subscription in January 2024 when the subscription renews.

However when I put a scheduled withdrawal in for the pot for the amount to come out in January 2024 before the payment is taken on my card, it doesn’t allow it to happen because there isn’t the right amount in there exactly at this time.

Can Monzo not allow scheduled withdrawals from pots based on the calculation of the scheduled deposit amount it would have built up by then?

If I had the money upfront to add to the pot, I would not have to set up the pot in the first place.

I swear I used to be able to do it…?

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You’ve never been able to do it.

If you have other money, you can add it to the pot, schedule the withdrawal and then take the extra money back out.

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That’s pretty bad UI. I can see why they did it, but the limit is overly restrictive. I guess you could use the billd pot for this and assign the payment there instead? But I agree with you that non-monthly bills aren’t handled as a first-class entity in the interface, at least yet. And it would be really very good if they were.

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If you just schedule a pot transfer for £1, you’ll be able to go into the payments tab and then edit it to the correct amount. This is a problem I’ve been facing recently as well. I thought it was a bug initially, but it appears to be a design decision.

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This is what I do for my CC DDs scheduled transfers :+1:

You absolutely used to be able to do it prior to the pot to pot transfer interface change. I did it every month. You changed the “immediate” payment to a “scheduled” one then put whatever amount in, it would then not cap it at your funds limit.

This is a big backward step and the workaround is hardly very satisfactory, albeit workable.


Heard back from the Savings Team on this:

Our engineers are looking into this and they’ll be making some changes over the next couple of weeks to resolve this issue.

Thanks so much for bearing with us in the meantime.


Yep, definitely used to work before the change.

Thank you! Thought I was going mental for a while!