Not Allowed A Sky Dish

I’m no expert, but I doubt anyone would be able to get the police interested, and in any case, proving intent would be a challenge.

I guess not but they could definitely withhold the deposit when the tenant moves out.

I don’t think it’s worth the risk for the sake of a quick e-mail or phone call.

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Do you know why?

I think it’s because they think they look unsightly and ruins the look of all the houses looking exactly the same :man_shrugging:t2:

If I was buying a new build and there were people already moved in, I’d rather see that people have made them their homes than seeing a load of buildings that look the same but each to their own.

I completely agree with this. A bit on individualism doesn’t hurt

They built our estate with communal dishes on the end of all house rows and on the flats however they didn’t put in skyQ compatible LNB so loads of sky installers have just flung up new dishes even though there’s a condition in the title deeds that says you can’t install dishes on certain parts of the building and to use the communal dish :roll_eyes: I’m fairly sure the communal LNBs can be upgraded easily if the sky installer is clued up…

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I used to work for Sky, many of the reasons covered by others but if you live in a communal property then they may not want to pay for the install. If not it could be that you are in a listed area or conservation area or of course they could just be being awkward!

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Who am i even supposed to ask for reg. a dish ?
I called the estate agent, they then told me to phone management,
Management told me to phone the landlord, the landlord then said we have a communal dish ( which we dont ) and then told me to speak to the block managers - who then told me to speak to the landlord.

Going round in circles and being transferred/told to speak to different people

If the landlord has a letting agent/management agent you should be speaking to them not direct to the landlord. It’s the agents job to manage the relationship between tenant and landlord

Honestly in that situation, no one has said no, and you’ve asked everyone. If there was a reason you couldn’t, one of those people would have said it by now.

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