🇰🇵 Monzo in North Korea

(Matt) #1

Hey Guys,

Does monzo work in north Korea?

(James Amey) #2


If there are places in North Korea that accept Mastercard (the gift shop maybe?) your Monzo should work there!

But yes, likely not


Lol :rofl: .

Isn’t North Korea on sanctions list which prevent some international transactions? I’m sure the US also issued an executive order penalizing any company or person doing business with North Korea by cutting off access to the US financial system? Even the 3 ATM’s North Korea have are useless to the Chinese tourists because of Chinese sanctions on North Korea.


(Tom ) #4

Does anything work in North Korea?

(Tony Hoyle) #5

Most of the population, except those in charge.

(Valeri) #6

I actually heard they have pretty decent ski resorts however those are for tourists only. :speak_no_evil: