None personal / Business account

(Christopher Rex) #1

– I think my title suits my idea??

Basically I have had an idea that I think would blow the completion out of the water if I was able to integrate a bank account seamlessly into it. i.e. You sign up a “group” into a site/app and with that comes a full account that members can access / bills can be paid from.

And with Mondo being API focussed it feels like maybe the first guys that could pull it off. I’m sure that there are many people out there that could make a million types of projects if they were just able to get a bank account tied to it.

I’ve just thought of a better example. I heard that Uber gives its drivers a bank account when they sign up so that they are able to receive all their payments into that. So imagine you wanted to be a competitor to uber, you could build your own app and then integrate with Mondo to supply the “Bank” part and have all earnings automatically deposited into that account. Meaning there is no input needed from a user before they can start driving and making a profit.

** This is not the idea i have in mind :wink: