Non Sterling Transaction Fee - Query

Hi all, quick question! I recently topped up my Amazon US gift card balance so I could make a purchase (thanks to a US friend) - it was just 50c and I used my Monzo card to do it. After a couple of days it settled on charging me 38p to do it. So far so good.

My question is, can I expect any kind of fee on top of this? I’ve rinsed my Monzo account until pay day so I’m worried if any charges are added on (like a high street bank might) that I’d be in trouble!

Is there a further charge to be expected or is it all taken into account with the initial transaction?

Thanks for reading

As far as I’m aware you shouldn’t be expecting any additional fee!

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Thanks for the reply! I hope you’re right, maybe a Monzo employee will confirm :slight_smile:

No, Monzo only charge you the MasterCard exchange rate and no fees on top.


There’s absolutely no non-sterling transaction fees with Monzo. In fact there’s no fees whatsoever that Monzo charge for using your debit card with a foreign currency, so you won’t see an inflated exchange rate or commission either - just the MasterCard exchange rate.

The only time you’ll get charged for foreign currency is withdrawing cash at an ATM abroad (after your £200/month fee-free allowance)


Thanks everyone, puts my mind at rest!


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