Non-spend days - aka 'being smug'

(Peter ) #1

I’ve just started using the Android app, really happy with how it’s going!

Although - if there’s a day on which I’ve not spent anything, it would be really helpful to see that reported in the timeline as such. It’s a rare thing, but I didn’t actually spend anything yesterday and it would be nice to reinforce the smugness to some degree with a small note against the date.

Given that this is early Android days and I’ve only been using the card for a few days, it might be that this already exists somewhere, but I’ve not seen it. So that’s my caveat on the suggestion…

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Interesting Peter! Sort of a “you didn’t spend anything today” message?

(Peter ) #3

Exactly that! It’s a rare occurrence, but it’s nice to bask in a vague level of glory when it does happen.

Plus, it helps to keep a constant stream of days in the timeline

( #4

I’d be interested in something like this. Congratulations on not spending money sort of message.

(Jack cheetham) #5

i agree i tend to get some sort of satisfaction on days where my spend is < £10

(Peter ) #6

Glad that there’s some interest in such a feature!

I’ll be distributing team patches for the ‘Miser Brigade’ soon enough :smirk:

(Will Stanley) #7

I would love something like this too. Perhaps a nice M___ gif celebrating this awesome achievement.


This can probably be done via the API?

(Peter ) #9

Documentation suggests that it can be - good shout

Mostly just kicking it out there as a suggestion for a native feature

(Ross) #10

Sounds like a good idea. I need some encouragement to save :flushed::flushed:

(Rob) #11

Might be nice to have a little monthly calendar view with those days where transactions occurred highlighted? Tap on any day and the app would pop-up those transactions for that particular day.

(Nigel Laverick) #12

I would be nice in the future but at the moment as its not my main account I get quite a few “non-spending” days lol

(Adam Weston) #13

Love this idea! #FreeDay!!

(Droid Beta) #14

As somebody who is trying to cut down their spending, this is a feature I would like to see too…gives you some motivation and a little sense of achievement when you havnt spent any money for the day.


Great Idea! It’d be interesting to then see if there’s a pattern in non-spending days.