No tricks, just treats 👻 - October 2022 updates

Hi everyone! :wave:

Where did the zombie keep their money? In the crypt-o market! Alright, jokes aside, we’ll stop being candy corn-y. And no, we’re not going into crypto.

We’re still dead-icated to making money work for everyone! Here are some fa-boo-lous new updates for you:

Creative refresh :art:

Notice anything new? We’ve refreshed our visual brand! We wanted to breathe new life into our branding, and make it more Monzo: friendly, inclusive, and human. :heart:

We plan to reflect our new visual branding in the app over the next couple months, so keep an eye out! :eyes:

Read more about the creative process on our blog

Cleaning up the payments screen :broom:

We’ve cleaned up an extra screen in the payments tab and are exploring how to improve this screen even further.

For now, one less tap needed to pay your friends. Or get back the money you’re owed.


Better ways to move money :money_with_wings:

When we introduced a way to connect and view your other accounts, many of you told us you liked the simplicity of seeing your full financial life in one place! :crystal_ball: But while this provided visibility, you also told us it lacked controls to make money management truly effective.

We’re making it even easier to move your money between Monzo and your other financial institutions. We’re too excited to keep this to ourselves though! So we’re sharing a sneak peek of what these screens might look like.

We’d love to hear what you think of them!

Making more Monzo magic :magic_wand:

A couple months ago, we took a break from our everyday roles to work on something we’ve always wanted to build. We did an internal hackathon, competing with other teams across Monzo. :computer:

We bounced a lot of magical ideas around, but we didn’t want to just build something for us. We wanted to build it for you! It started off as a stretch goal but as we kept working, it started to feel more realistic. So real that it’s become a priority now!

You may have even noticed this card move on our public roadmap. Any guesses what it could be? :thinking:

We’ll be dropping more hints so be sure to join the conversations here in the forum and on Twitter.


@davidwalton Your joint account dreams are about to come true! If you move to the US.



If only this wasn’t a Monzo US post…



Eagerly waiting!


any ETA on joint accounts?

You must have insider info as this topic was planned for today :wink: