No SMS alerts for Statuspage updates

(Alex Sherwood) #1

I’ve not received notifications via SMS for today’s issue & the previous issue. This is quite an important service in my opinion, as it alerts users who don’t have a data connection (e.g. those who are abroad or who have run out of mobile data & can’t afford to buy more) to issues.

I appreciate the fact that these have been relatively minor issues but if Monzo’s changed it policy about what should trigger the SMS alerts (or has stopped them altogether), it would be useful to know that, that’s happened.


users who don’t have a data connection

Do we care given those users wouldn’t be able to use the affected services (bank transfers) due to the lack of a network connection?

I think there should be notifications for critical issues like card payments, but everything else can stay as-is. Personally I didn’t even notice there was an outage today.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I agree that card payments are probably most important. But if bank transfers are being affected & that leaves you thinking that you’ve made a transfer when you haven’t or unable to receive a transfer which you’re relying upon, that could still be problematic.

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