No-deal Brexit:will it change something?

Hello and after a while ( mostly due to the circumstances we are facing now) I recalled that we are going out of EU.
Any idea what will happen when we will be using our beloved card abroad? fees? withdrawing money?

Sorry I had a quick look and nothing was already posted.

Monzo changed the cash rules anyway, so it’s only £250 a month cash withdrawals anywhere (including UK)

Not if Monzo is deemed your main account

Not really.

MasterCard network will carry on. And most transfers use domestic Bacs, Faster payments, etc. TransferWise will carry on.

Volcanoes will present themselves every time we swipe. Europe will be dissolved in magma due to a shopping spree by a 23-year-old Londoner named Emile.


Thanks for your replies.
I know Monzo has changed some rules, however I was talking about paying abroad using always the golden rule " pay local currency.

Now is clear, thank you.

Carry on doing this.

That will be the same, because Mastercard will still give better rates for currency conversions than the shops

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