Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence (New EP)

(Simon B) #1

So the new EP, Add Violence is out. NIN are one of my favorite bands.

Here’s the video for the new single, Less Than.

The music video consists of a girl playing (and being entranced) by a video game that came out last year called Polybius, by a developer named Jeff Minter and his company Llamasoft. What’s really awesome about that, is that my cousin Peter (who makes electronic music under the name Moonraider, and of course is a Monzo user!) has 8 songs in the soundtrack to that game. So to know that Trent Reznor played that game and would have heard a lot of my cousin’s music is awesome to me :grinning:

Any other NIN fans here?


Yep. I loved closer :slight_smile:


I remember going to a Warp Records winter party at the Aquarium Bar (Just down the road from where Monzo is in fact). Jeff Minter was there as he’d designed some special visuals for the event. He was controlling them with one of the Gamecube Wavebird controller’s. He let a few of us have a go. Really nice guy.

Love a bit of NIN. Intrigued that Atticus Ross is now an actual member of the group. Really liked the work they did on the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo soundtrack so I’ll definitely give this a listen.