NHS Frontline Staff Water Bill Discount

If you are one of our NHS hero’s working on the frontline. My employers Bristol Water and Wessex Water are offering a £50 discount off your water meter bill to cover the additional costs of washing your uniform.

To apply visit one of the following links

Bristol Water
Wessex Water

If you require anymore details, please let me know.


A generous offer.

Emergency workers already get tax relief for this purpose.

And if they’re making this offer to NHS, why not include other key workers?

From the Bristol Water website:

We have limited this rebate to NHS workers because they are right at the front line of the current crisis and are likely to be most impacted by the guidelines for laundry. We recognise that a huge number of people have been affected financially by Covid-19. If you’re not a NHS worker but struggling to pay your bill, we might be able to provide support in other ways - find out more here.


@anon70107404 It is to show support for the NHS who are on the frontline and being asked to wash clothes more frequently than they would normally.

There are many key workers (including myself) that are essential to keep the country going and I would love to say I get a discount but I do not either.

The NHS frontline teams put themselves at risk everyday, working with people with confirmed cases of Covid-19.

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Because then how do you police it?

By definition, I’m a key worker. But I don’t need (or really deserve) any extra special treatment.


I’m not saying it’s not a good idea. What doesn’t seem to be recognised is that other services are dealing with jobs with no additional PPE, the sort of which is available to NHS.

For clarification, I wholeheartedly agree this is a good thing for NHS and I have no problem with that. I’m saying other key workers are, so often, overlooked.


great initiative / offer , thanks for sharing it to inform any of our forum members it applies to :+1:


Great to see companies offering discounts or good will gestures to people in times like this in addition to their existing support for people adversely affected by coronavirus.


25% off at Just Eat too…



@anon70107404 Bristol Water and Wessex Water have many ways in which we can help people. Although this discount is specific to NHS it does not means we cannot help in other ways. I would urge anyone who maybe struggling at the moment to get in touch.

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Thanks Martin