NatWest making changes to the Reward Account

No more cashback on your bills!

Reward credit card cashback rate being cut too.

Looks like I’ll be needing a new joint account.

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I turned off the reward account after over 17 years of use. That cashback on the utilities was a nice reward. Amazed they are getting rid of it.

£1 for logging into the app :joy:


I guess the money isn’t there to pay for it now they aren’t able to charge for unauthorised overdrafts

Great :roll_eyes: I’m definitely going to switch my joint account over to Monzo now. I’ve been earning quite a lot in cash back via NatWest but the amount it will equate to now just isn’t worth it.

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We’re going to take a serious look at Flex Plus from Nationwide.

Flex Plus has also been cut down from what it used to be :cry: Overdraft rates hiked, interest cut. It may still be worth it for you depending on how you use it, but you’ll want to make sure you’re comparing to the current terms and not the now-historical ones.

Well just be using it for the travel and phone insurance and as a general joint account.


They have been reducing their rewards in the last year. I’m expecting the same from them in the next few months.