Achievements/ unlocks


First things first, awesome application here! Currently waiting for my card while teasing myself in the showcase section, aha!

Anyway I’m one of those people who like the little gimmicks and whatnot, so I thought having theme! unlocks, maybe little avatar unlocks could be cool. I first thought about more you spend the more unlocks, however that wouldn’t be good for the people who use the card often but little amounts. So the better idea would be how much you save, although that could be abused.

I would love to here your thoughts on what else you could unlock these with.

Many thanks,

I could see how that might work, but that could be seen by others as treating some customers unfairly. Everyone uses a banking app differently and not everyone spends/saves as much as the next person. Incentivising spending and saving in this way may encourage unhealthy spending habits and may look like Monzo aren’t speaking everyone unfairly. That’s just me being Devil’s Advocate though :wink:

Welcome by the way! You’re going to love the card and the app! Enjoy being a Monzonaut!

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I definitely agree with that point! @warriner But so long as it’s just ‘cosmetic’ rewards, i.e. if we go down the avatar path, getting a gold hat instead of the default black hat or something - Things which make no difference to the day to day features and usability of the app and don’t discriminate against users :wink:

@Errota, I like the idea! My only thought is it could come across as childish? (depending on how it’s implemented) As opposed to the professional image people expect from a bank - Like unlocking a green theme for the :monzo: app if you spend more than £100 a month would seem fairly silly IMO

I’m interested to see what other ideas people have!! :smiley:

I would absolutely love funny things (that Chrome’s dinosaur when no internet!) or easter eggs.

I would dislike achievements, as they are either annoying or useless. Either as a popup or notification that has to be checked, too much hassle.

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What about points/credits for items from the Monzo store (stickers, T-shirts etc) for things that benefit the Monzonaut community like correcting Merchant logos and names?

@Errota anks for the suggestions!

We’d need think carefully about rewarding certain spending or saving habits, as @warriner mentions

Fairness and inclusivity are super important to us, so a rewards system that could uphold these values whilst still offering some good incentives to use Monzo would be really cool.

It will be good to explore the possibility of unlocking discounts and special offers at certain merchants where users spend regularly. Targeted loyalty schemes like this are in the long term plan, but there are similar offline activities, in a similar ilk to the Old Street Monzo discounts which we way offer much sooner.