Next opportunity to crowdfund?


The post before yours states that the next mile stone is to close the prepaid and then do the crowdfund

So I don’t think it’s gone cold as there is nothing more to say until the close down of the prepaid has been achieved

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Any updates on when the next crowdfunding round is?


:slightly_frowning_face: sorry no news I know of


Monzo poised to join ranks of Europe’s fintech ‘unicorns’

UK digital bank lines up $150m fundraising as it eyes $1.5bn valuation

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Hurry Monzo! :rocket:

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Any news on the next crowdfunding!??


Anyone done the maths on this upcoming round? :thinking:

If the round is available to all users without ‘fastest finger first’ or sweepstakes then £20million divided by 1.1m users works out as around £18 available to each user if everyone was interested.

Obviously most users will not be interested, but previous rounds saw I think it was around 1 in 5 make a pledge to invest. That would give you around £90 available per interested user, or somewhere around 9 shares.

In 2016 you could buy up to 1950 shares.

Any thoughts on this?


I think most people won’t be too concerned about how many shares they can get in the next round, I think it is more people want to be connected to Monzo and owning even a few shares will give them that sense.

Of course some people will want to buy lots and lots, and why not because at £1 billion valuation this Company has the potential to grow 10,20,100 times that value - so even £1,000 invested now could return a very handsome sum in the future (assuming £1,000 max from previous rounds - but who knows).

If you bought 1950 shares in 2016 they must be worth almost £20,000 by now!


I’m pleased to hear of the next opportunity today (investment takes place next Wednesday at 10am GMT), but disappointed to see existing investors get a head start. Why amplify the inequity of the previous round? They won before, so they should win again? Many people who wanted to be involved missed out last time due to over subscription, Monzo is exaggerating the benefits for previous winers and losses for previous losers with this structure.

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Since the next crowdfunding opportunity has now been announced, let’s keep the discussion over there from now on.