Next opportunity to crowdfund?

Still in the interests of fairness…Maybe I am slightly bitter. :wink:

I did not know that the people that crowfunded first had pre-emption rights that’s interesting.

So what about the people that backed the last round do they have the same rights?

Presumably they do. It’s a shame, I’m someone who wanted to back but it was a lottery so there’s nothing we can do.


Great to hear we’ll able to invest soon. :pound:

Anymore information @tristan?

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What makes you think that? Is it because they’re currently hiring for a crowdfunding expert to lead a massive crowdfunding campaign? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

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Is Monzo considering any of:

  • crowdfunding outside of the EU?

  • using other investment platforms in addition to CrowdCube?


Will there me another opportunity to invest in Monzo?


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Thanks for the reply! Do we know when?

Nope, no dates given yet

If you use the search (top right) you might find some additional info about it though.


It takes so much effort to launch a crowdfunding round that to attempt it twice within 12 months would be an insane use of manpower and not realistic.

So watch this space!


Although previous investors get first dibs at any new crowdfunding. Could consideration be given to those who pledged money but weren’t picked in the lottery system last time, before new people who apply in any new crowdfunding?

We’re still loyal would be investors, it’s just we weren’t picked.


Yes please…,


No decisions have been made regarding a new crowdfunding round - but it’s likely we’ll wipe the slate clean and start afresh to keep a level playing field for all those involved. As soon as there are any early details we will share of course!

Will any investors have anti-dilution rights?


pre-emption rights rather than anti dilution. I would expect them to have an option to buy first but not to be able to retain their arithmetical ownership percentage (and indeed this was the case before)

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I understand that this is probably driven by the view of pleasing a greater overall number of newer users. It will be a bit of a sore point if loyal support and advocacy of Monzo and previous pledges to crowdfund are dismissed, and we’re put on even standing for funding opportunities with those for example only taking Monzo accounts for forex use etc.

Still, you can please some of the people some of the time… You’ve got my support regardless - I’d just like to be able to back that support with cold hard cash too :smirk:

As I said, no decisions on upcoming crowdfunding rounds have been made yet, either way we’ll be sure to keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face: Not sure it’s worth starting this discussion without any concrete details!

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Update on investment

The news regarding the 2018 round appears to have gone cold. When is this going to happen? What is the process?

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