Next opportunity to crowdfund?

We would love to include more people in our crowdfunding - I speak to people every week who are disappointed that they missed out in previous rounds. It’s really frustrating for us that we can’t let everyone put money in who would like to.

There are 2 issues;

  1. There’s a €5m EU cap on crowdfunding (which gets reset every 12 months).

  2. Administration fees cost around £4 per crowd investor per year. We’ll probably need to pay these for at least 5 years until we eventually IPO. So call it £20 per investor in admin charges.

Taking £10 from 100,000 people would raise £1m but would cost us £2m :frowning:

I would love it if Monzo was a bank that was entirely funded by its userbase. We’re exploring ways of making this possible, but it’s sadly not straightforward.