Crowdfunding (Upcoming 2018/19 Round) - Updates

Actually for this, Crowdcube already charge the business an annual fee to “manage investors”. If I remember right, it’s around £1-£3/investor/year.

For this, the company gets:

  • A (hopefully) up to date list of email addresses to send out important documents, vote etc
  • An interface to send out emails to a large group of users.
  • Responsibility for collecting votes, buying and selling legal docs deferred to Crowdcube’s nominee.

I’ll try and find the exact figure - I think I remember a company posting it somewhere. In my view, it’s expensive already to manage shareholders.

Edit: it’s actually £4/year. Although Tom doesn’t confirm whether the entire £4 is Crowdcube fees - I personally can’t think of where else this money would go.