Next fundraising round

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a while for the next funding round. Monzo has had a round every 6 months for the past few years, including Jan, Nov, and Dec, a few years in a row, so wondering if they will have to again soon. Also banks need to stay capitalised obviously…

They had a huge funding injection over the summer of 100 million so they’re fine at the moment

I’d be surprised to see anything this year

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As I said, considering bank capitalisation rules, and the previous raises and spending, they could raise in the next quarter / half year.

just found this, hadn’t seen before:

But Tom Blomfield, co-founder and chief executive of Monzo, told Financial News the start-up has now “checked out” of venture capital.

He said: “The next investment, and it probably won’t be for some time, we’re looking at really long-term, patient capital – whether that’s pension funds, mutual funds or sovereign wealth. People who can deploy hundreds of millions of pounds, and then see the growth of the company for the next 10 or 20 years.”