📰 The Observer: Is Monzo the Facebook of banking?


Looks like The Guardian group of newspapers likes Monzo. I wonder if any of the reporters are Monzo users!

yet at the bottom on the write up the guy says Atom is a fully functioning current account. sloppy research ! :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3:


It’s nice to see Monzo get a write-up, but dear god that headline made me want to scream. Not least because Betteridge’s law applies.

Though, parts of the article are sloppy, as Richard says. Even in the first paragraph Lewis refers to his “hot pink” card, and in the third paragraph he mentions golden tickets, which I thought went out with the pre-paid queue.

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They did, although I’m sure I read somewhere that they were coming back. (I could be wrong)

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They are on their way back although there isn’t a timeline for this yet :slight_smile:

Interesting :wink:

“There’s a group of very rational people who know about it, but don’t get it,” Blomfield concedes, over a coffee in Monzo’s office, just off the Old Street roundabout in east London. If the Monzo story ever gets the Social Network treatment, Ryan Gosling would be a shoo-in for the Blomfield role. “Typically bankers, accountants, lawyers or sometimes investors, they say, ‘Why do people like this? Why are you growing so fast? What’s the benefit?’ And when they say what’s the benefit, they mean the benefit for a purely economically rational person: ‘What do I get?’”

Please. No.

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