Newly excluded categories are no longer applied to prior months in targets

If I exclude a category within targets, it used to be excluded for all months. It now only works for the current month.
Newly excluded categories are listed in the non-excluded section of the breakdown for previous months, but when clicking on ‘edit’ they are shown as excluded within the ‘edit target’ dialog.
This applies to custom and built-in categories.

The reverse applies to categories which were previously excluded but then changed to excluded.

I’m fairly sure this is very new behaviour, perhaps since I tried out the new target-by-category feature.

Details to reproduce:
Go into trends, click ‘Target’
click ‘more’ in the ‘you spent…’ box
click ‘edit target’
click ‘edit’ within the ‘##excluded categories’ box
change a tick for a category (ideally which is used regularly)
click ‘done’, then ‘next’, click ‘keep spend steady’, click ‘next’
click ‘confirm no category targets’, click ‘confirm’, click ‘get started’
view ‘This month’ page - changes are present
view any previous month - changes are absent

OS: Android
Device: Pixel 5
App Version: 5.20.0



I’m having exactly the same issue, I cannot exclude a category from any previous months, the functionality only works from the current month going forwards.

OS: iOS 17
Device: iPhone 14 Pro
App Version: 5.51.0


Is anyone looking into this? It looks a substantial issue affecting usability and experience as well as defeating the main purpose of having a Monzo plus account. Thanks.

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