New York

Off to New York next year and wondered if there is anything you recommend to see and do?


High Line. #1 for me


you’ll get hundreds of suggestions that’s for sure.

Great city for that on the go holiday packed with experiences.

If you have an hour or so and fancy a bit of a downtime walk I’d recommend the

i did it early on a Saturday morning and was pleasant. Central Park is also huge and worth a walk. But it’s different horses for different courses in that place :grin::beers:

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ha. just said the same.

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Great minds!

The high line is a must for sure! What else do you suggest!?

Tough one. I was not totally enamoured with New York (for some of the same reasons as London) so High Line really stood out for me

There’s a free passenger ferry from the Battery to Staten Island and back which allows great views of Manhattan and Statue of Liberty

We did lots of walking around. One day we started at Central Park and walked down to Battery

I’d also recommend a trip more “down town”, away from the madness of Times Square.

Tribeca is quite nice, some good restaurants and from there you are near a) the :ghost:busters fire station :joy: b) Freedom Tower /World Trade Center c) Staten Island Ferry for a (free) glimpse of Statue of Liberty and d) Brooklyn Bridge.

These are all very touristy options of course. Dead Rabbit bar is also down there in financial district. Does a mean cocktail so I’m told.

I personally loved spending time in Central Park, no matter the season. On one occasion the lake was frozen on another I was just in the zone and sat at strawberry fields watching the John Lennon comings and goings and thinking about all of that.

Truly something for everyone there

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Tribeca sounds interesting what else is there to do down there?

Soho and Chinatown are neighbouring districts but also when you are down that way closer to brooklyn, I’ve never actually been off Manhattan but I hear its definitely worth a visit.

My suggestions are all a bit more away from the real hustle and bustle I suppose

Obviously there’s also 5th Avenue for the shops, Macys on 34th Street and all of the musicals. If you do fancy a show you don’t have a particular one in mind the TKTS booth on times square does discounted on the day passes, though there is a 2 hour queue or something like that

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Which part of New York will you be staying in, and for how long? This may affect what could be the best recommendations for you.

The High Line may be the trendy #1 at the moment, but for me it’s still Top of the Rock. Go there, not the ESB.

You could spend all day at the Met and still only see a fraction of it, but make sure you take on the Temple of Dendur (have you seen Ocean’s Eight?)

I’m not going to say “Avoid Times Square”, but it is very touristy.

Will you be sticking in Manhattan, or are the other boroughs options too?

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We are staying just off Central park and going for a week! We like the idea of doing the non tourist stuff!

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Would be keen to hear your suggestions for stuff away from the hustle and bustle!

Just remembered one place from a previous visit - Roosevelt Island. You get there by cable car.

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Second vote for the high line here, very much enjoyed!

If you’ve never been you can’t go wrong with doing all the well known tourist things first.

  • Empire State
  • Rockefeller Centre
  • Central Park
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Staten Island (found this interesting)
  • There’s loads more tbh, lots of unique places to eat!

I’ve only been once but next time I plan to do the less generic stuff :slight_smile:

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The thing I actually enjoyed most: Just going from a walk from near Grand Central past Rockefeller Plaza to run an errand. Just being there and walking around, not actually having a list to work down. That’s a real argument for spending a few days in a place so you can have at least a few days to knock around

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You should go see the ‘Vessel’. It’s like a stairs to nowhere thing it’s popular in NY right now.

Vessel is at one end of the High Line (which has been extended this year). Both worth a look.

Several good rooftop bars to check out (google will help).

Staten Island ferry gets you good (better?) views of Statue of Liberty for FREE as you can’t go up the statue any more not much point standing at the foot of it?

Find the Trailer Park bar (down towards Freedom Tower end from memory), brilliant dive bar!

Sit in Bryant Park with a coffee.

Top of the Rock AND Empire State building are worth a visit (go early morning to avoid crowds).

Isn’t there a museum on the island now that might be worth visiting?

There is, but heard it’s not really worth the money, plus we were going to visit people on Staten Island anyway so… :man_shrugging: