New Years Resolution 2020

So what are people new years resolutions?

Specifically any related to finances

One of mine is to update a budget spreadsheet at least a once a week

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Changed my role at work during 2019, so there’s going to be a lot less C++ (and C#) coding for me going forwards. Sob sob.

So in 2020 I am finally going to get around to taking a proper look at the Monzo API and how I could write code to use it

Probably will not fundamentally alter my finances in the way initially joining Monzo did, but it’s close enough to what you asked :slight_smile:

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To travel and try and not get stung too badly by the single person supplement tax for being a solo traveller :airplane:


Getting three aws certs and learn some python. Maybe my CISSP too.


Improve my credit score
Budget better
Spend less time on this community forum :rofl:

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Travel by train :steam_locomotive: in Europe not by plane :airplane:.


Stick to my budget and not cheat, by excluding things from the summary, in the last week of the month :see_no_evil:


Book independently, and no supplements to pay :grin:

About 15 years ago, we got shafted, having to pay a supplement because the holiday price was based on 3 (?) people sharing, but were given an apartment that was only capable of sleeping 2 max.
Never been near a travel agent since, and we have travelled all over Europe.


Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.

Have done so for Denmark in May, so will see how that works out for me :grin::+1:

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I will spend the first four months paying down my 0% credit cards after my personal loan was repaid this year.

Medium term I’ll save for a holiday – haven’t travelled for years due to the tight budgeting! I might start to think about promotion at work too, but exams :frowning:

Longer term I’m going to begin investing, hopefully through an app. Any recommendations?

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Travel more
Stop being real depressed
Try and sort out social anexity
Try and make plans and arrangements to leave the UK
Drink less alcohol (I dont want to give it up but my consumption levels are unhealthy for a 18 year old)

Had a real nasty car accident just yesterday and a load of bad stuff happned with me this year. (only good one was getting a better job)


Are you ok?


I have one for mental health and wellness. When buying online, I am going to make sure the retailer does not use Yodel for deliveries.

Zen reimagined. :pray:

Went doctors today, walked away from the accident (was not my fault)

Only minor whiplash that I have some cream stuff for and hopefully the pain should go in a couple weeks.

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I’m looking to get my finances in full order and get myself fit and healthy (again)

Previously lost 8 and a half stone and I’ve currently put 4 back on, so aiming to lose that 4 again and a little bit more :slightly_smiling_face:


Not always the case…

Point 3 - I’m going to learn to sing… :scream_cat::woozy_face:

True, but we are also in the fortunate position to not want most of what many package holidays offer, preferring to only stay in one place for 2 or 3 days at a time.
Independent travel has made this possible.

Ryanair or the eurotunnel and cheap hotel sites and Air bnb make independent travel easy.

Either sort your own flights and only pay for what you need or take your own car and have freedom to go where you want.

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