What's your 2019 money resolution?

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to give yourself something to work towards over a year. And you’ve already been sharing some of your personal goals in this thread.

But what are your financial new year’s resolutions in 2019? What do you want to start doing, or stop doing?

You might want to try saving for the first time, by creating a new Pot and locking it till the end of the year. Or try the 1p saving challenge using IFTTT.

Perhaps you want to stop spending so much. Is 2019 the year you stop spending money on your daily coffee, or bring your own lunch from home?

You might even be giving yourself a financial MOT by auditing your own finances. Where can you be saving money now? Do you really need all those subscriptions?

My goal is to get serious about saving. I want to push myself to see if I can put a few hundred a month into a Help to Buy ISA and get on the road to home ownership (one day!) :crossed_fingers:

Let us know your money resolutions below!


I’m doing the £1 weekly challenge.
Main resolution is to save more. Locked pots should help with that.
Just need to stop buying stuff I can wait for. Thankfully my wife finishes maternity leave so we’ll have a little extra money, after childcare is covered of course.

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Same here! Should be fun :grin: Even set a goal on the pot so it’s easy to monitor the progress :yum:

New year’s resolutions:

Time for a new job! :grin::sunglasses:

And I want to learn more about investment, not just coasting along with my current knowledge :sweat_smile:


I’m doing the 1p challenge using IFTTT (once it decides to start working)

Other than that, I’m also edging to save more and complete my mortgage deposit savings goal. Looking to have that sorted well before the end of the year as I creep onwards in age. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m holding off on this until May 2022 :wink:

I’m doing the £1 savings challenge into a locked pot until Black Friday, that’ll be next Christmas taken care of.
Going to stick to my budget and pay off as much debt as I can once I start my new job and actually have some money for a change. Then i’ll be able to increase my Freetrade investments from the token amount I’m currently putting in monthly

  1. I emptied my coin jar on the 1st and have locked in until the 1st of Jan 2020, curious to see how full it gets!

  2. Going to continue putting money into my Help to Buy ISA with the goal of getting on the housing ladder in the near future.

  3. Last year I purchased a fitbit and created an IFTTT rule to move £1 into a pot each time I hit my step goal. I also set the pot goal to the cost of the fitbit so it’s as if I claimed the money back through being active. I may recreate this as it was quite fun to achieve.

This is always worth a read:

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That is a great idea.

Mine is to get my first credit card

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My resolution to myself about money is to either stop walking into the dr marten store this year or get the shops and online blocked on my account.
14 pairs and I need to stop for my savings sake!


Start saving and building up and backup of expenditure.

Instead of panicking close to event dates and scrimping for money, I am going to ensure that I have enough put aside into locked pots until a month prior to the event date so that I am not stressing about it.

Plus any unexpected BIG payments will be covered :smiley:

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It’s quite a big one for me.

Those who have been reading my occasional posts on here over the past year or so will have noticed that I’ve never seemed eager to go #FullMonzo. That hasn’t really changed.


My previous daily spending card was my cash back credit card. They’ve reduced the cash back rate, though, so there’s less reason for me to use it. Also, I input all of my card transactions into a spreadsheet so I can see how much richer/poorer I get at the end of every month.

I’ve decided to go #HalfMonzo. I’ll transfer an amount over from my #FullSantander account, and use Monzo as my main daily spending card. So much less spreadsheet inputting for me in 2019!

I realise I’m a long way behind many of you peeps, but I’ve just left base camp :tent: on my way to #FullMonzo, So I’m hoping Sir Tom keeps cracking the whip on the Monzo longboat to keep it skimming the waves in the right direction.

Happy New Year All! :tada:


An alternative to the spreadsheet malarkey, you could connect your Santander account to Yolt, which uses the same style UI to Monzo for expenditure.

Thanks for that :+1:

I like that it’s me who is in control of my bank accounts tbh.

But I’ll consider it. :+1:

You paint such a picture! :paintbrush:


Never did get an answer on another thread as to whether it costs Monzo anything per transaction to add money to an Investec pot, so hoping I won’t be a drain!

I cleared my regular coin jar, created an Investec pot, locked it to NYE, and enabled coin jar on the new pot

Let’s see where it ends up!


The security of Government-backed financial schemes relies on the stability of the Government in situ.

My aim is to buy a house. My last savings contribution is in April. From then I’ll start looking. I even have a tonne of overtime planned to really top up the coffers. The main reason I managed this was by getting debt free and saving £200 every month for the past 3 years in a help to buy isa. This created a really good habit and i got “addicted” to saving. It’s probably going to hurt having to pay it out! :joy::crazy_face:


I want to start regularly donating my coin jar to charity :+1:

I started (sort of) by selling a load of stuff over Christmas and giving the proceeds to Crisis.


Saving £100 a month split equally for the 2 kids in a locked pot each until 01 dec for their Xmas presents, also looking to start contributing to my pension and the kids JISA :wink: