New twitter accounts to follow

So after a 5 year hiatus off of Twitter, I’ve reset and decided I’d like to give it a go again.

I’m struggling to find people to follow that are just general users and not verified influencers! So, If you’re happy to drop your Twitter handle I’ll be sure to follow!

E: Also if this thread already exists please point me in its direction, a search didn’t bring anything up!

What are your interests , maybe people can also drop some suggestions

Why not drop your Twitter handle here?

Follow me if you’re feeling bored:

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Good suggestion… interests are sports (mainly formula 1, football and field hockey). Dogs. Alt/indie music. Marvel films. And tech.

@Anarchist for some reason I decided people would prefer to link they’re profiles but mine is


I’m @CasparAremi though I don’t post a whole lot.

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That’s what I meant to say. It seems that far being “down with the youth” as I might have thought I was, I’m not even down with the middle-aged :joy:

Why the hiatus and what took you back to Twitter?

I’m on there: