New to the EV world - what should I know?

And on the flip side of this, as I’m still in a petrol car at the moment, for me petrol has increased in price in the last 6 months from around £1.20 per litre at the local supermarket (which is generally the cheapest in the area), to £1.47 per litre.

That’s added around an extra £10 to fill my tank up now.

Definitely very envious of you all with your EV’s that are probably costing less than £10 to fully charge…


Haven’t driven it yet due to pesky work getting in the way. Having bought purely online without seeing it in person first it’s worked out. The dynamic red is ace.

Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.



Don’t forget to remove that black tape from the front, you’ll get done for that :rofl:

Have fun :oncoming_automobile: :electric_plug:


Another comparison on them both.

I’d still want the IONIQ 5 :sweat_smile:

Talking of chargers, Oxford CC have just announced they’re putting in a massive charging station at Redbridge Park and Ride - they claim it’ll be the largest in the UK.

I think @phildawson, that’s not too far from you? Would you ever normally just park there and get the bus into Oxford?

They’re being a bit naughty by claiming it’ll have 38 fast and rapid chargers on it, but then the breakdown is 10 rapid chargers (up to 300kWh), 16 fast chargers (up to 22kWh) and then 12 Tesla Superchargers.

Although for a Park and Ride site, the ‘slower’ fast chargers probably make sense anyway - people can park up and leave their car charging while they get the Park and Ride into town - although I’m not sure how they’ll deal with people leaving their cars plugged in all day after they’ve fully charged?

More details here - also they comment that unlike other hubs, this one is going to plug directly into the National Grid High Voltage network

Yeah Oxford is just nextdoors.

I’d probably park inside the Westgate tbh. It’s then a 20 second escalator ride to the main shops. :sweat_smile:

There’s 50 charge points inside.

The chargers are free to use and operate 7.2kw – 32A with type 2 lock plug systems. Please note, you will need to bring your own charging cable to use this facility.


First charge!

Pretty happy about the point being at the front. 3-pin will def do fine until Jan or hopefully Dec install. :crossed_fingers:

Just had a test when it was -2c with heating this morning and the range starts at 210 miles for 100% in these conditions. So 40 miles less than the combined WLTP.

I’m taking a cautionary real world at about 50miles less than whatever it’s telling me so I’m expecting 160 miles if the conditions stayed the same for the whole journey.

At 3c now it’s telling me 230 miles.

It’ll be interesting what it’s like in summer :thinking:

I’m not sure about your car, but my VW uses quite a bit of power to heat the battery when setting off in cold weather. If you do multiple short journeys the battery heater could be on for a significant portion of each journey and really impact range. If you’re doing longer journeys the battery heater is on for a much smaller proportion of each journey, so having less of an impact.

When I set off yesterday I initially got 1.8 miles per KWh. After about 1/2 hour it went up to closer to 3 and remained there once the battery was warm.

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Yeah it could be that. It actually calculated that before setting off and the car is new so it couldn’t have learnt that estimate. I think it probably has thresholds built in to say if it’s below 5c it’s X, and below 0c it’s Y.

I think on a longer journey the outside temperature should in theory get a bit warmer towards the middle of the day and probably won’t have the heating on hot for it all.

I wonder if people in colder climates like Norway just accept they’re unlikely to get the same estimates.

I’m intrigued now to know what it’ll be like in 10c, 20c and 30c :slightly_smiling_face: I’m guessing 5 miles per kW in efficiency. 57.7*5=288.5 range

I can’t imagine want to drive far in anything colder than -2c so I should be fine. Be interesting how it deals with snow and the torque.