New to the EV world - what should I know?

Me too. I’m going to order my IONIQ 5 over Xmas.

This is super interesting. I’m also on Octopus Go and am wondering if I can get by fine just doing this with the odd free top up at the office.

95% of our driving is short local trips so seems viable.


I ordered one in mid-September - apparently will be delivered in April/May, although it didn’t help that they ordered the wrong spec of car, so had to put in a new order in November.
It looks like new IONIQ 5 orders are for the 2023 MY car, which is slightly different spec, but bigger delivery delay

Just noticed some new images of the second facelift of my MG 5. Europe should see it mid 2022. UK might see it late 2022

The biggest change is the front end losing traditional grill and going with a flat approach. Still think the MG badge would be better kept on the charging port to leave the bonnet clean.

The rear isn’t radically different but nicer.

The interior is better with the display higher up. My only grumble is I need to look further down at Google Maps than I would like.

The blue accent lines however look crap. It’s like they have gone to page 1 in a book of futuristic stereotypes add mood lighting around the cabin. Current dash is way better.

Everything else looks unchanged interior-wise

Definitely looks like a modern car, I kinda like it but I also like how mine isn’t trying to be something it’s not.

In terms of battery/range/tech it’s identical :neutral_face:

I feel that is it’s biggest let down, that 250 WLTP range is going to be considered crap in 2023. It should have gone for a new version with 350 miles and 150 kW charging

Just noticed that reserves have just opened on the Ariya today

Not particularly cheap starting at ~£42k (performance starting at £58.5k)

They have got to make a Qashqai / Leaf sized version nearer the £25-35k mark. I can’t see many going for a £45k car from Nissan.

Unless they are secretly planning on making a brand new leaf for 2023 :thinking:

Btw - apparently at the end of March, the current Home Owner Grants of £350 to help for getting a home charger installed is being scrapped. If you’re getting your car in April, you might want to still go ahead and arrange for your charger (if you’re planning on having one) to be installed before the grant disappears.

OZEV Grant is ending - ACT NOW | Smart Home Charge | Smart Home Charge

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Quick update:

  • I’ve owned my Renault Zoe ZE50 since March 2020 and driven 5612 miles.

  • Used approx. 1200kWh.

  • 4.66 miles per kWh average

  • I’ve charged it pretty much exclusively on octopus go overnight tariff and this has cost me a total of £66.

  • This works out to 85 miles per £1 or 1.2 pence per mile.

This online calculator suggests the equivalent cost in diesel for 5612 miles would be:

  • £612 (rather than £66)
  • 10.9p/mile (rather than 1.2p/mile)
  • 9 miles per £1 (rather than 85 miles per £1).

This means I have saved approximately £546 in fuel costs so far (£612 minus £66).

Looked at another way, I save nearly £1 every 10 miles I drive an EV.

My previous update from June 2021


Out of curiosity, how does it work out if you factor in the price difference between your EV and an equivalent ICE vehicle?
Are you still saving, or would it be too soon to compare at the moment?

The second half of @Lewis_P 's post shows exactly that - a comparison between his specific EV figures and the equivalent ICE (diesel) figures.


Apologies, I missed that.
I’ll go back and have a read.

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With my Ioniq, i went from 19% to 100% and the total cost was £12 ish so saving on an ICE of about £28 a week on fuel…


From my calculations, the fuel savings from my proposed Ioniq 5 don’t offset the increased cost of the car itself.

But it’s in the ballpark and it’s a nicer car than I’d usually go for so kind of works out in the wash.

If I did more mileage it probably would be a better overall deal. My mileage probably doesn’t justify an EV.


Well I’ve had it just shy of one month. I’m just over 510 miles (I have 6000 yearly in contract)

Im getting an average of 3.0 Miles/kWh so it’s taken

510/3 = 170 of electricity

My tariff is same rate at 19.73p

170×0.1973 = £33.54

My ICE car got 25 mpg so 20.4 gallons

20.4 * 4.54609 = 92.740236 litres

My local Sainsbury’s is £1.45 a litre

So that would have cost £134.47

So about £100 less in fuel than my old ICE in winter.

I’m hoping that the 3.0 can be nearer to 4.0 with better weather and fewer motorway miles, most of this month has been motorway.

4*57 kWh usable = 228 range (WLTP is 250)

If I can get 4.0


127.5×0.1973 = £25.16

If I was on a 5p Octopus Go it’s


However the 24p peak would totally screw me over unless I got a home battery system in place.


That’s my dilemma. Trying to work out whether I’d actually be better off with my annual mileage.
My everyday run-around is a Toyota Aygo (£12,400), I do about 5-6000 miles a year and the car averages 55mpg.
If someone with a better maths head than me wants to crunch the numbers, please feel free :grinning:

The EV definitely still works out more expensive than an equivalent ICE. I was paying £200pm for a Renault Clio and I’m now paying closer to £300pm for a Renault Zoe. With the fuel savings it’s not a massive difference but it’s still more expensive to own an EV.

If my mileage was higher then it would be pretty comparable.

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So I’m paying bang on £300 month. 36 months. Only 1 month initial.

As part of the deal I got £250 cashback, 1 years insurance, and the Smart Pro EV charger install. Servicing and RAC included too.

Fuel is basically £25-33 for the month hitting ~500 miles depending on the 3-4 Miles/kWh



An ICE that does 25 MPG would be £134 fuel
An ICE that does 50 MPG would be £67 fuel

If you could find an ICE estate ~£260 monthly and spend £67 on fuel then it’s exactly the same result.

However the equivalent estate with roughly the same size and specs, that can do a 7 second 0-60, and 50mpg would be £300+ monthly.

So I’m winning but it’s fairly even stevens at 6000 annual mileage :sweat_smile:

If I add up the freebies about £1500+ (£250 Cashback, £400 insurance?, £774 charger? Servicing £x? £100? RAC)


Thanks for the replies.
As much as I’d love to go down the EV route, it seems that at the moment, for my needs, a small petrol car is still going to work out cheaper over the life of the car.
It’s a shame really, especially the way that EV’s are being promoted at the moment.

There was a lengthy discussion over in the forbidden thread (Are you ready for an electric car?) about the affordability of EVs. Personally I think we’re still only really seeing £20k-£40k new EVs and what we’re still waiting on is the elusive sub £20k EVs.

Once we start seeing PCP deals sub £200pm then we are really into the realm of affordable EVs. At the moment there remains a financial barrier for most people (The cheapest electric cars on a PCP finance deal | What Car?).


Looking at the same 6000 miles, 36 months.

For just 1x these are basically the two “cheap” options.

Up! must be fairly similar to an Aygo. I wouldn’t recommend that though, probably ok if you don’t need to carry extra people or lots of luggage and only need it for short distances.

£300 Corsa-E or £300 MG5 I think I made the right choice.

I personally didn’t want to do more than 3yrs because of how fast the tech is moving.

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@Ivan1954 for a small car I would actually go for one of these next year if the price was right.

I bet they don’t sell it at the £15k range though. Because they can tack on another ten grand for UK people.

In fact I’ve just seen its going to be £25k lol

Double the yuan

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That’s still a massive jump from the £129 PM I pay now.
My fuel bill is around £35-£40 a month.
As many have said, they have to come down drastically in price to make them viable to the majority of people.

Many thanks for the info though :+1: