New summary bug

(vladan) #1

As shown the number of days left is not viable dud to the location of the text .

(Dave) #2

Yeah I’ve just noticed this too. Hopefully it’s a minor fix.

(Hugh Wells) #3

Thanks for letting us know!

This has been fixed and will be rolling out :soon:

(Dave) #4

@HughWells you guys work fast!

(Hugh Wells) #5

It’s not just guys :wink:

(Dave) #6

My bad. You legends work fast!:star_struck:

(Oliver strong) #7

See screenshot, has it been highlighted that The headers sometimes get shortened. Could this be amended in a later release?


They’re aware and it appears to be a problem with larger iPhone screens after an update. I assume they’re working in a fix that will hopefully be in the next update.

What model do you have?

(Oliver strong) #9

I thought they would be aware. I’m using an iPhone 7plus.