✅ [Android] Days remaining not visible when on the left of summary

Issue: In summary tab, when the number of days indicator is on the left, the number of actual days is not visible (see screenshot below)

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android 8.0.0
Device: Samsung Galaxy 8
App Version: 2.2.0


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Thanks! This is a known issue and a fix should be coming soon :blush:


Days remaining on summary goes off screen

Android 8.0.0 November security patch
Screen resolution set to 2220x1080
Samsung galaxy s9 dual SIM

App Version:


This is a common problem. I solved it by reducing the text size on my phone and it looks really good now. Give it a go and see if you like it or not.

It is quite annoying, but has been an issue for a while. I have my font size one up from standard due to issues with my eyes and have the same missing text.


On my Samsung S8 the summary screen graphic that shows the number of days left, looks to be cut off… it is showing ‘days to go’

With what looks to be the actually number of days off the screen.


I have the same problem on a galaxy s9SmartSelect_20190422-165823_Monzo

Same issue on Samsung Galaxy S7

There’s a theme here :thinking:

And then there’s this quote from 10 months ago:

That famous coming soon phrase :grin:

Yeah, is almost coming to one year. How ‘soon’ this fix will be released?

It looks like the Summary wheel might be completely replaced:

Same issue on a Sony Xperia XA2 running Anroid 9.0

Is been more than an year and this issue still has not been resolved. How hard is to fix it?

Absolutely ridiculous the length of time this is taking to fix. Just reduce the diameter of the circle by a few pixels.

Hi, all :wave:

Sorry for how long this has taken to fix. There’s several reasons for this:

  • no single team owns this feature anymore. As there was work on new nav for a long time, it was unclear how this screen would fit in (there was that section of time where it wasn’t available to new nav users)
  • the bug only manifests when the stars are aligned:
    • particular day of the month
    • particular screen density
    • particular screen size
    • particular font size
  • a fix was attempted at one point. we would draw the text, measure it to see if it was offscreen, and if so, switch to a two-line version. In the screenshots posted in this thread, the two-line version should have been used, so clearly the fix didn’t work in all cases.

I had some time (because I’m between teams at the moment) to pick up small bugs so I took a look at this on Friday. I tested it with various font sizes, screen densities and checked 12 different positions:

The fix should be rolling out on Monday 30th September.

Note: this will still be a bug if the stars align somewhat differently:

  • particular day of the month
  • super high density screen
  • you have lots of money left (4+ figures)

and the reason is because we’re trying to fit content of an unknown size into a circle which needs to maintain its width and height (otherwise it’s an ellipse. Are all circles ellipses?) which doesn’t scale for all cases. Please feel free to tag me directly if this affects you and I’ll revisit, asking if we can change the design. For now I wanted to do something quick because I’m not sure if this screen will change in the future anyway.