New PayPal fee for inactive accounts


What a bizarre thing to do. Hoping people remember it exists when they see a charge and start using it again?


I have an inactive account. No message from PayPal yet, but looks like I’ll just be closing the account.


Mine is active, so fee free.

News worth spreading though.

Same. Stopped using ebay years ago so no need for it.

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Use mine in places that don’t accept Amex


I use it when I can’t be bothered to get up to find my wallet. So that’ll keep me active.

Thanks for the heads up.

Although my PayPal account is still active, the good lady’s account hasn’t been used for a very long time so this was a good reminder to close her account.

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Looks like they only charge if you actually have money in there.

I’m alright then.


Feels like a cash grab. They have detected x amount of accounts have a balance and are inactive. Lets raid them, rather than claiming the interest on them.

Even though I am an active PayPal user, it may question my continued use of them.


Yep only if you have a balance sat in the account


I only use it for the 4 months interest free on purchases over £100 they do.
I use Tymit 3 month for anywhere that doesn’t support PayPal.

Oh if only Monzo did something similar…


I did that 4 months thing aswell. Seems decent

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This is exactly what keeps me using PayPal too. Other providers that offer similar restrict to 3 months. I’ve not had enough PayPal credit acceptance issues from merchants to warrant tymit myself though

PayPal credit is another reason I keep my account active.
I have been fortunate enough to be able to use it combined with various offers/discounts to actually save money.

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Surprised it’s legal to be honest. Thought you’d have to consent to having your money effectively stolen.


Tymit sat pretty quiet until an unexpected vet bill.
Was so handy to pay the £150 charge over three months :slight_smile:


I have searched the current PayPal agreement and can find no reference to inactive accounts, at this time.

I assume what will happen is that PayPal will send every customer an email referencing a change in the T&Cs. These new T&Cs will no doubt make reference to inactive accounts and the future charge for that status.

There will either then be an email link to accept the new terms (unlikely, as we are all warned about clicking links in emails, aren’t we?), or, more likely imo, a sentence that basically states that continued use of PayPal services implies consent to these new T&Cs



If you accept the new terms you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t accept the new terms, you should close your account.

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Just had to log in and close a PayPal account that I never even wanted! I returned a bag to a retailer years ago and instead of refunding the payment card I used they randomly sent money via PayPal to my email address. Annoying! I had to set up a second PayPal account just to get the cash.