New package accounts coming?

No Google sheets export = not paying



I’m assuming that they’d probably mainstream most of the Plus features to the free tier.

I’m not sure what they’ll do with the export though. We love it. Monzo, not so much… :frowning:

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If plus got switched out with any of those options, I wouldn’t pay. Because my assumption is the paid features in plus I use, will just become standard features as I can’t see them mentioned on there anywhere - custom categories, virtual cards (very rarely used tbf) & Google Sheets Export.

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Honestly just throw the cashback stuff onto the existing plus, but don’t restrict it to one particular category. Make it 1% rather than 3% to accommodate. Replace offers with it, and I’m golden. The high interest roundup thing if it works exactly like Chase’s too please. It’s only really the Chase copycat stuff that’s appealing to me on those plans, but I’d want them apart of plus, not some other plan, or some add on which these look more like to me than an actual account tier.

I want my bank to offer things that improve my banking experience, and things that tie into that. Not arbitrary unrelated things I may or may not want to make it feel like there’s value there. I get what they’re trying to do, but Spotify on the entertainment one already makes that a non-starter for me.

Going by the community alone, gamepass would probably be a better perk there at a similar value. For me personally I’d probably want something that gave me Apple One.

But seriously, focus on finance things and perks that relate directly to how I use your product. Things like extended warranties on anything I buy with my Monzo card would trump any kind of niche insurance for instance. Things like cashback and interest.

The only insurance I’d reasonably accept is mobile, being a mobile only bank. But even then, if it’s not Apple care, or something that will let me take it to Apple to fix, they can stuff off.


The survey options don’t mention virtual cards, so I assumed they are not included.
Also, I have family insurances with Nationwide FlexPlus, that none of these packages even gets close to, and I don’t care about crappy Nero’s etc. coffee.

If the Saver package included virtual cards though, I would probably go for it instead of Plus.


Isn’t that the Platinum one? Or is it still deficient against FlexPlus?


That’s £5 more than Nationwide :confused:


Yep, the Platinum one is £5 more, or 38% more expensive than Nationwide. Nationwide’s breakdown cover is now with AA too, which allows you to get help by calling AA through the AA app too. Plus, IIRC, breakdown cover also applies to any vehicle you are a passenger in, not just the one you are driving, not clear if Monzo would offer the same (moot point as it wouldn’t matter at that price).

I’m drawn to Gold. But it’s not perfect.

  • The railcard is odd. I’d happily take a Network Railcard (I buy one anyway) but then what about those outside the southeast?
  • Are the interest rates fixed? The big issue with Plusium has been that they haven’t gone up with rate rises. And more are expected. They’ll probably go down at some point, too.
  • There’s no stated limit for deposits to the savings account. This is excellent if true but the devil is in the detail.
  • The credit builder card feels a weird universal offer. Some folk will need it, some it’ll be a bit redundant. I wonder if this was a targeted survey at a particular (young?) demographic - Young Persons Railcard and starter credit card kinda fit.

Looking at some of the other plans, I’d rather have Spotify instead of the Railcard, or the supermarket cashback and interest on roundups. Or just rip off Chase with 1pc cashback across the piece and 5pc on roundups.

No word on cards and designs though! Which I know lots here will be interested in.

Anyway, I suspect that this was to refine the offer down to one of the three sets, then to get the balance of features in each right.

But good effort, I think. Even if I did feel slightly dubious about whether this was from Monzo initially.

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I love my plus card. Can’t stress that enough. Would love if the physical card felt a bit more quality and premium in construction though. Still the best quality plastic card they make though.

In all the versions, this is the one where they nailed the card design.

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I’m not advocating this, but I’d be surprised if it stayed. If for no other reason than the colours of Plus and Premium don’t really match the new brand guidelines.

Then they need to redesign the brand guidelines with the plus card as its foundation!

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It’s definitely from us.

Edit: just to be clear - the email from is nothing to do with us! My selective quoting wasn’t great there :person_facepalming:


There’s absolutely no mention of monzo so far, I guess I can understand that, I got the email twice over 2 days, both went to spam.

I’ve got some different questions to the ones posted, looks like they are potentially contemplating some exciting things.

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I appreciate that this is very early stages and supports data gathering to narrow down development streams into 1-2 key areas. More of this please!

But - please go for simplicity! One of the main challenges with bundles the first time around was too much variation and choice, it was really hard to know which one to pick and what you got with it.

Here’s where tiered accounts really nail it. Basic, Plus, Premium and a range of features that each includes.

Also - options such as Apple One or HSBC Select and Cover really nail it for simplicity too. Pay one amount, get a pre-set range of things and there’s only three packages to choose from. It’s very clear what the cost will be per month and what you get.

Looking forward to seeing the development of this, it might tempt me back :wink:

EDIT: it appears the survey below was nothing to do with Monzo in the end.

I didn’t screenshot every page, but the first few were standard how much do you and house earn, your age etc
Maybe you are shows different questions based on your initial answers.

Then it showed this,

Child accounts :eyes:

Then it asked which of the following combinations would you choose 9 times, it was always the same few perks but different amounts and pricing, here’s some examples.

Air miles :eyes:

Check your spam for
“Win up to £50 and help build a Better Banking Experience”


They lost me at “crypto”.

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I’m grateful for the reminder.

I’ve discovered that:

  1. I can apply for a physical Monzo Flex card
  2. Monzo are changing their terms and conditions
  3. UPS are holding a parcel for me
  4. Hundreds of Ukrainian women are keen to meet up with me.

Looks like I’m in for a busy summer!


Crypto scepticism aside (but seriously, 'zo, don’t do it) there’s some interesting stuff in there. That “basic” package looks anything but basic though!

(@anarchist is probably weighting up whether there’s enough time in the summer for Tinder Gold and the Ukrainian women).


I think for people (aka me) to pay in the region of £80 a month the account would have to be modular and be able to add and remove subscriptions at a discounted rate, but it would need to offer a wide range, not everyone needstinder and we work.

So a base price for the features and perks and then configure your own subscriptions, with one click cancel which is nice.

Spotify, YouTube music/premium, gyms?, headspace, netflix, Disney, FT and others, deliveroo and others etc, no end really.