New package accounts coming?

Someone posted a few screenshots from a Monzo survey on Reddit:

It appears some people have been asked their opinions on various combinations of features for packaged accounts.

I agree with one comment there, that I don’t think I would go for any of the proposed combos, instead I’d prefer to pick and choose from the individual features available to create my own combo.


:thinking: First time Ive seen this


Looks too much like plus 1.5? Where people could pick & mix, and got scrapped due to complexity?


Looks a good bundle choice. Was it monzo that actually sent it out though? :sweat_smile:



Everyday Saver/Entertainment

Also, unsure how a Railcard could work being 31+ years old and under 60 or whatever it is.


Saver sounds pretty perfect for me to be honest. Disney+ is sorted for a year, I have Spotify Duo, and don’t think I’d be worried about travel insurance due to complications. I’m predominantly paying for Plus just for the account amalgamations, custom categories and the virtual cards. To that end, bit concerning there’s no mention of virtual cards unless they’re considering making them available for everyone…?


I’m going to be harsh here. Pay money for a saving pack feels wrong; paying money for a railcard limits eligible customer base massively (unless Monzo manage to get a Monzo Railcard issued that covers the ineligible groups; very unlikely); and spreading credit card repayments goes against what Monzo have been going on about in the past about responsible lending & financial health. Also not sure it’s a great option in terms of ensuring people can afford their debt and won’t default on their Monzo loans/spread payments.


I received the survey earlier this afternoon - Regardless of the particular packages on offer, as surveys go, I thought it was well structured and easy to work through.

One gripe I do have is that there was no opportunity to add a comment. I would have liked to be able to raise an issue about the travel insurance. I quite liked the look of the package but at my age (almost late 60s,) I usually appear to be ineligible for travel insurance beyond 70 with pretty much every packaged account on the market from other institutions.

I’m confident there will be a wide range of views on what the packages offer and their value to us individually but fair play to Monzo for engaging with the customer base and appearing to have listened (read) carefully comments on this forum.

Free weekly coffee and subscription to a streaming service have been put forward as suggestions by participants here and have appeared as possible options.

It will be interesting to follow developments.


Was it definitely from monzo, I got a weird banking one on Tuesday, no mention of monzo and a different layout, it came from

Email came from service but it looks like it was commissioned by
doesn’t say who it was on behalf of.

Edit, well onepoll and 72 point are owned by the same company.


I see where you’re coming from, but I’m not sure I agree.

The devil is in the detail here. If you can make back more than you spend (there’s no limit mentioned for the 3.9pc savings) then what’s not to like?

And I’m hoping that this is Monzo realising that they’ve mucked up on the savings pot and will make it easier to have multiple pots, pay bills from them and schedule withdrawals.

That, and some extra software features (automatic salary sorter and get paid early?) would make it compelling.

Agreed. In the south east there is the Network Railcard that’s available to everyone, but I can hear the howls of other folk now…

I don’t think this is right. I’m sure that I’ve seen Flex staff talk about potentially flexing from connected cards. And this is debt shifting rather than increasing debt, so I’m not too worried about it.

(Wider thoughts on the potential packages :soon:)

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Inevitable poll:

Which of these (or the existing Plus/Premium) would you pick?

  • Saver
  • Perks
  • Protect
  • Max
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Travel pack
  • Everyday saver pack
  • Financial health pack
  • Entertainment pack
  • Insurance pack
  • Existing Plus
  • Existing Premium
  • I wouldn’t subscribe

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Poll fail :man_facepalming:

I forgot platinum. Tick here if that’s your thing:

  • Platinum
  • Another one (I voted above)

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There is absolutely zero chance that they are going to introduce 15 versions of accounts!


Yeah; there isn’t going to be 15 account types to purchase, but we all know that the current offers aren’t quite there, and this is a good road to fixing them.

Cashback is good, and Everyday Saver for £7.99 would fit me like a glove to be honest, we spend £500 a month on shopping, so 3% back would pay for it, and some


This, seems, unlikely….

Surely someone must remember what an absolute binfire this turned out to be the first time around?

I suspect this is early waters to see who would sign up for what to know what the final packages would look like.

E.g. “only 20% of people signed up for pack x so we won’t continue developing it” etc


Yes, that’s exactly the point here…

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It’ll be a data gathering exercise and it’s better to break it down like this and I’m sure they weren’t all on the same page.

“Of these accounts, which would you choose?”

Then they can see that from the top row, most chose the cheap ones, but middle and bottom row, people were more likely to pay for the more expensive options etc etc.

There will be a mixture in whatever comes to fruition, but it will be Monzo doing the choosing.


Well, assuming early testing I actually think it’s positive progress and it’s one thing I actually think HSBC do really well here.

Closed doors options, wait for feedback then do small scale testing on select groups.

I’m sure at some point we’ll see a testable iteration of this. Hopefully with clearer options than last time and no reversal once people have started paying for them.

A good step forward, I think.

I don’t foresee this happening, there just too much choice

Unless maybe they designed it like you click into one package, then the sun packages come up

It was just a research what Monzo did with some selected customers.
don’t take it too seriously.
(they will give you 5 pound e-gift card after this)


For folk that got the survey, what sort of questions did they ask?

Can I ask everyone voting for existing Plus why? Wouldn’t Saver or Gold be better options, money-wise?