New Name? Moanzo - Old Street Campaign

(Thomas Welton) #1

Got myself one of your flyers and maps on my way home today at Old Street.

Shame about the typo on the URL.
Luckily the domain name was available so you bought it on Saturday ( ready for Monday’s campaign launch and set up a redirect.

Personally I quite like it, moanzo :upside_down_face:

Competitor update
(Rika Raybould) #2

Oh dear. Who didn’t check the assets properly before printing? :see_no_evil:

I do think we’ve found a term for complaining to the Monzo community about legacy banks though. :wink:

(Bradley) #3

Got a complaint? Why not chat to our Moanzo bot? :joy:

(Tom ) #5

This is really befuddling.


Thats a pretty glorious typo to be fair !!

Customer service dept outsourcing ??

(Zainab Khan) #7

I know, what a typo :see_no_evil: But the new batch of maps that arrive today from printing will be correct! Phew!

Happy Cakeday!
(Mike Laurie) #8

There’s no other bank in the world whose customer would acquire a typo’d domain in order to redirect it to the correct domain.

(Will Stanley) #9

This is why I love Monzo


I’m quite partial to the account features but buying domain names is pretty cool I guess.


(Ryan Nile) #11

I assumed you worked for Monzo - what a guy!

(Thomas Welton) #12

I didn’t buy the moanzo domain. It was bought by Monzo on Saturday which I assume is when they got the flyers back from the printers and spotted the mistake.

(Mike Laurie) #13

Ha! Apologies, I misread it.

Sorry for making you look like a crazy fanboy!


that was how I missread it too