New job....advice


Thanks for all the advice.

I am in the fortunate position where I can have both a British and Irish passport so crossing the border / crossing the EU is not really an issue.

Think I’m going to go for the job. Hopefully the big bad Brexit won’t cause too much damage!

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Go for it.

Truth is everyone is giving their views (me included) on the basis of little certainty and some conjecture.

Best of luck!

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Not legally. Airlines require various things (some passports) but no need to:

No passport needed:

Even a bus pass is enough:

To get from the EU to Ireland though, you will show a passport or some form of ID - simply because it’s an island.

Travelling to ANY other EU country is not this easy. There is nothing that will change. I will bet good money on it.


Quick question to gather a couple of opinions. I am an extreme pro-Monzoer and wish I could do all this through Monzo but they seem to be a little bit away from the currency exchange functionality. So…

Transferwise seems to charge 0.3% per transaction.

Revolut seems to be free up to £5000 a month.

In your experience does Transferwise have better exchange rates or why would Revolut not be everyone’s preferred choice? Maybe I am missing something in the small print.

(assuming for this particular issue all exchanges will be less than £5000 per month so don’t need to worry about bigger transfers)