New DIY category

We like many other people in the world, were doing up our house, so would like a new DIY category added.

There’s plenty of stores that could relate to this all over the world, and shopping, general or bills do not cover what this type of payment really is for.

For instance, you don’t go shopping at Travis Perkins, Wickes or B&Q Trade Point, the DIY category is perfect for these.

A better idea again, we’d have the ability to create custom categories, on a per user basis and also be able to delete the pre existing categories for that user, if they so wish.

Custom categories are coming (with more icons too) although they are likely to be available on two paid tiers - Monzo Plus,/Monzo Premium


Hi David

Is Monzo plus coming or a new Monzo account type?

Have you got a link to this information :slight_smile:

There’s a lot to read through here;

And I’ve seen the build up to the new features in the latest :monzo: app code with my own :eyes: :wink:

Thanks David :+1:

I’m a developer myself and was thinking the category code looked like icons you could assign to custom categories and then someone in the comments said the same thing ha ha.

Would be a great feature :slight_smile:

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