New Budgeting tools with images

What I think would be really beneficial is to have budgeting tools. So that you can set yourself weekly or monthly targets. I find myself every month/week or daily trying to calculate until my next payday how much I have left to spend. I found that a similar project to yourself a new upcoming bank have done this images posted below (no advertising intended). This kind of idea would be really beneficial to myself and I’m sure many others. What you could also do is when you overspend on a certain day it would roll over for the rest of the month taking off what you have spent for other days. For example you set yourself a budget of £400 a month £100 a week £20 a day. And you spend £25 or more on one day, so the next day it tells you that you only have £15 left for that day, Or something similar to that and it then updates how much you have left in that month to spend. The categorisation tools you have are good but a tool like this would be even better.

I’m sure this has already been asked for in previous posts but I thought I’d mention it again as it is a much needed tool that I and I’m sure many others would find benificial.

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Something like this?

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No it’s a bit different from the way I’ve described it. And the images I’ve posted. I’d love it if it was on the dashboard so it’d constantly update with targets.