Budgeting tools

(Daniel Johnson) #1

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I was wondering how budgeting tools were progressing? I’d love to have a feature whereby I could set a total amount of spending money for a period of time and it’d tell me how much I can spend that day and if I was above or below that amount.

Budgeting tool suggestion
(ole) #2

Hi Daniel,

We have budgeting included in our Q2 plans but haven’t kicked off the project yet so expect something in May / June.


(Daniel Johnson) #3

Eagerly crossing my fingers.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #4

This is definitely something I’d love to see as part of Mondo. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Do you have any initial idea you’d willingly share for feedback from our end @ole?

(Dave Berry) #5

For budgeting tools inspiration, you should totally look at youneedabudget.com. It’s a budgeting system based on allocating jobs to the money you have available right now. Obviously that works great with a prepaid card, but could also be awesome with a full current account…