Custom months

Hey guys,

I was looking at the analysis of my transactions the other day, and as massively helpful as this was, I couldn’t help thinking that it would be great if I could line the month up to start/end at a custom day (like payday).

Thanks for all the cool features.

its on their “target list”
they have on the targets screen shot a custom category (section 3 - third screen along ) which presumably will let you set dates

While that would address the issue, I was really thinking of a far more simple and less involved user story, well as a concept (but possibly not implementation). Just allowing the ‘spent this month’ view to reflect a date like 25th - 25th rather than a calendar month.

Or as well as xxxx 25th to xxxx 24th how about every four weeks schedule to appease us four weekly paid lot?

This was the :mondo: response last time this was raised in the forum, custom month’s are being considered / worked on -

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It makes a lot of difference, great idea. Not all of us get paid at the end/beginning of the month and, after all, your ‘budget month’ starts and ends when you get paid. I think the solution should be making it customisable by either a) Allowing you reset the limits the day you get paid or b) setting up smart rules that would get it once the big monthly income comes. This can also apply to people that gets paid weekly. In the end, the ideal solution would a customisable type of period. Otherwise I’m sure there’s lots like me that can’t use that tab in the app because it is useless for us.

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I thought I’d point you to the latest update from the Monzo team on this feature…it looks like it might be on the way soon :eyes:

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Discussed here: