Netflix launches first fictional Podcast

This is interesting. Does anyone know if Netflix’s podcast efforts are still solely through the Netflix app? It would be a very interesting move if Netflix made these sort of things available through other podcast distribution channels.

I can see a business case for both. On one hand, content is king, and Netflix’s business model comes from subscriptions. On the other hand, content made for other channels will bring in business and perhaps convert non-subscribers into subscribers. With this particular podcast mentioned, it seems like it would only be relevant to people who have watched the accompanying show (I could be wrong) but if there are things within the same universe as a big show that gain traction independently, then the next obvious step would be for someone that enjoyed it to subscribe.

Next up - Spotify to create TV shows? :thinking: :upside_down_face:

It’ll exclusively be available through Spotify until December 12th, which is when it’ll be released on other platforms.

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Very interesting move! Will be interesting to see the result and if they develop further offerings on that model.

It does seem weird that it would be exclusive to Spotify at all. All I can assume is that they want the extra data that Spotify can give them that podcast apps like overcast and pocket casts don’t.

There might be a revenue sharing scheme in place as well