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We are paying £5 a month for premium via Sky.

I think with all these services, it’s more a case of them having been under-priced for so long. Still doesn’t make the increases hurt less though.

Feels like they really want you to downgrade to the ad tiers, where they will likely make more money.

Maybe they’ll also start offtering a discounted annual sub, to help reduce monthly chrun.


It’s really getting silly now…

I halve the cost with my partner so I never feel like it’s too much but given we casually watch Netflix for Friends and background shows it’s starting to look like it’s a cancel from us.


Schitts Creek kept me entertained on my travels, but other than that, I’m not sure what else I’ve watched that’s actually kept me entertained.

Apple TV is the one for now.


If you only really watch Friends in the background, forgo Netflix and sail the high seas - Pop them on plex - not worth paying for, imo

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It’s not just Friends but it’s the sort of platform for watching the same shows over and over, rather than “oh I really want to watch this” like AppleTV is doing at the moment.

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The mid tier always gets the price increase later. Not sure why.

Yep, I’m in the same boat. I think the fact they don’t have that massive library content no one is ever going to watch just to bolster value perception is working in their favour. They’re churning out great quality content at a nice steady pace, so there’s almost always something on it that I’m watching.

Haven’t resubbed to netflix for anything in quite a while. Only time I seem to open Disney+ is to rewatch Pirates of the Caribbean (which I already own on iTunes anyway). None of the new content really does anything for me, and besides the odd movie franchise I love, I’m not a rewatcher, especially with TV shows (person of interest, pretty little liars, and the blacklist (never again) are the only tv shows I’ve ever rewatched).

My brothers use it a lot though, but they’ve recently redefined family to household, and are now prohibiting (though not enforcing) password sharing despite previously encouraging it. So they’ll be going soon with their impending price increase.


It’s worth it if you watch the content they put out, don’t get me wrong, I love some of the original netflix shows like Jurassic World Camp and Spirit Riding free, Free rein, but I seem to be re-watching the same content over and over again and for that Plex is Great

Watch it on netflix once so they get their fee and know people like it (watch new seasons on Netflix too, as I do) but then transfer to Plex when they cancel the show

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Cretaceous! I loved that show! Glad it actually went all the way to the end as well!

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I think this misses the point of a service like Netflix.

It’s not just about the latest must see shows (although the biggest shows are still often there). It’s a replacement for actual TV. The breadth of content is a feature, as there’s literally something for everyone. And background TV is definitely a thing too.

Apple TV definitely seems to have found a niche, with a higher proportion of “high quality” shows, but for me it’s definitely the service that I subscribe to for a month at a time to watch a show and then unsubscribe.

That’s what YouTube is for!


This is why we take it for one or two months a year and binge watch what we like. Put it at £9.99 (even paid annually would be ok) and we would stay subscribed year round and maybe we would find new things to watch.

Hoorah! This’ll bring me back for the odd month now and again. Seems to be a direct sequel to Camp Cretaceous.

Would love a live action tv show set in the jurassic world universe too. If Godzilla can pull one off (and a fantastic one at that so far) I don’t see why Jurassic World couldn’t.

Camp Cretaceous was the best entry in the franchise by far IMO. The episodic format with a good cast of likeable characters and a compelling conspiracy narrative works really well for these genres. Better than the films that rely more on the action and big budget spectacles.

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Oooh. I look forward to that, looks good! Having recently rewatched Camp Cretaceous, it may make me get Netflix again

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