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I think you’ve got this bit wrong. I would imagine that most people would opt for the ad tier. By definition, if you don’t already have Netflix, you’re less likely to appreciate the value proposition, and so more likely to spend less rather than more.

And the more people on the ad-tier, the more valuable it is, both in terms of how many viewers are seeing ads and the data being collected to improve the product further.

But as @Lightning720 says, it’s not increasing their revenue from memberships as a result - but should longer term as their advertising plans pay off on the ad-tier.

ARPU figures that don’t include the advertising revenue are no longer useful for time comparatives as it’s always going to look worse now without giving the complete revenue picture.

It’s like Apple’s bullshit claim that they pay more per stream than Spotify. That’s just a function of maths because they don’t have an ad tier that monetises at a lower value but is still revenue adding to the bottom line.

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Started the latest Black Mirror season. It’s good TV but very :poop: for Black Mirror.

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I found them hit and miss since Channel 4 stopped doing them.

Agreed. That, tied with the fact that life became a constant Black Mirror episode at some point :joy:

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The one with the American girl and British guy just wasn’t even a Black Mirror episode IMO. Nothing weird about it.

They’re still made by the same people, so even if Channel 4 had kept doing it, you’d still have the same stories.

Brooker has also spoken of wanting to broaden what Black Mirror means, and get away from a narrow ‘weird and bleak’ niche. I think this is very sensible and if anything they should have done it sooner. Even in the first three seasons you could see where essentially the same story was being told again and again. Heck, even the very first Netflix episode was (to me) a retread of one of the best C4 ones.

Brooker took a break from making Black Mirror for precisely that reason, hence the gap between the most recent season and the one before.

Just finished Arcane and thought it was bloody brilliant.

I know I’m late to the party, but very highly recommended.

Is that the league of legends show?

I struggled to get through the first episode. Never finished with it.

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Absolutely agreed! A brilliant animation style, good story too. Shame it’s so long until season 2 though :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Animation was just gorgeous. Brilliant characters and complex relationships. Amazingly well handled psychotic anti-hero. A villain that actually cares for something.

A same sex relationship that felt natural and well earned.

Brilliant use of the three act structure.

Best show I’ve seen this year.


More Netflix price hikes incoming


So more cancel, yes I really want to cancel, yes I really really want to cancel. OK, would you like to pay £3.99 for six months instead of £10.99?

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Is that a thing with Netflix?

Always worth a try, particularly when they raise the price.

Can confirm I got through a good few years of cheap Netflix subscriptions before they stopped offering me this.

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The actual price of the increase has been announced now.

£7.99 for basic (£1 increase)
£17.99 for premium (£2 increase)

Effective from today I believe.

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Late to the party, BBC :thinking:

Though this could be why :point_up:

I think I’m currently on a grandfathered in mid-tier plan. Wonder what will happen to me. (Not been following the news about it other than it’s no longer available).

I’m paying a lot less via Sky, so interesting to see what happens…

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